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The 'Watch UR BAC' program to roll out across Texas

It's an interesting play on words: the DWI-awareness program, funded by the Texas Department of Transportation, asks you to watch your BAC (your blood alcohol content), while simultaneously warning you to literally watch your back.

After all, according to program coordinator Laura Dean-Mooney, "Texas continues to lead the nation in alcohol-related traffic fatalities, and we need to address and improve that situation," as Paul Schattenberg reports for AgriLife Today.

The "Watch UR BAC" wordplay accomplishes a few things.

First, it warns you about yourself, through special goggles and a simulator, showing you what it's like to drive while impaired.

Second, it warns everyone about the high rate of alcohol-related car crashes in Texas, admonishing that it is every person's responsibility to help reduce injuries and deaths because of drunk driving.

And third, because the program seeks to coordinate with law enforcement, it's a warning that alcohol-related car wrecks causing injury or death can often lead to felony DWI charges.

Source: AgriLife Extension Program asking Texans to watch their 'BAC'

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